1 months old baby

Where my baby bcg injection is injected is having pus what should i do to cure it

Plz talk to your doctor about it. Because ur baby is too small to experiment by yourself.
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Question: My baby is having pus at BCG vaccination place and it is coming out in small amount daily what should i do ? Plz suggest any remedies
Answer: Oh dear, its normal but clean it by yourself if you are not very good at it, take him/her to doctor because pain in the baby will be severe. Hope its helpful. Take Care
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Question: my baby girl hv pus in bcg injection after 2 months is it normal?
Answer: S it is normal... don't prickle it....It goes by itself..In case it become more...Consult doctor
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Question: Where my baby's BCG vaccine was injected, it is now swelling with boil. Reccomend a home remedy plz
Answer: Hello! It needs nothing to be done. Don't apply anything on it. Leave it as it is. This is normal and happens in all babies hence please don't worry. Take care
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