1 months old baby

Question: Whenever urinating my baby is crying , he is 43 days old now, kindly suggest any remedy

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Answer: One is clean the genital areas frequently and change daipers also frequently..but the best is to visit a paediatrician and take guidance..
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Question: My son is 36 days old. When he is urinating, pooping and releasing gas he is crying. Is it any problem, please suggest me what should I do
Answer: Hi dear, Yes ,many new borns cry passing urine and stool initially.that is normal.as their body systems are getting used to.but make sure your baby is well hydrated.else dehydration could lead to concentrated urine, which could make it feel burning.also observe for any kind of rash there.most of the babies have sensitive skin,and develop rashes.apply coconut oil there or any good nappy rash cream.if you still feel something is wrong,take your baby to doctor to rule out any urine infection.
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Question: My baby is 5 months old.can i start giving him water? Because whenever he is urinating, it is so hot and sometimes he is crying for urinating.
Answer: Dear if ur baby is crying while urinating it could be due to some infection. The water should be given only once the baby completes 6 months. You need to consult doctor if baby is crying whilr passing urine as water is not going to solve the problem in this case. Hope it helps.
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Question: My kid is 40 days old...whenever she is trying to do toilet...she is crying...very badly...only for that minute..kindly suggest whats wrong and remedy
Answer: Hi...nothing to worry some kids cries while toilet..it's normal many babies cries
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