3 months old baby

Question: whenever my gets monthly injection he cries a lot,, he gets fever and he won't drink even my milk.... so what steps I should take him to feel little pain????????

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Answer: Hi dear unfortunately if the baby is vaccinated there will be pain and fever will also be there for that I am sure your doctor has prescribed baby Paracetamol to offer you can offer that it does not only subside the fever but the pain also and you can also rub ice cube on the injected site to subside the pain or any kind of swell or redness so it is going to be helpful for the baby .. Hope this helps!
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    Miss Calling643 days ago

    The simple thing u can do is vaccination se pehle approx 20-30 minutes pehle paracetamol or dolo ya jo b doctor ne baad mei dene ke liye medicine di hai wo pehle de do

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Answer: Hi you can give milk in the form of milk shakes fruit milkshakes chocolate milkshake biscuit milkshake you can also give dry fruit milkshake if this doesn't work out you can substitute milk with paneer or cheese you can prepare curry with paneer and feed the baby so that equal amount of calcium will be substituted good luck
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