39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Whenever my baby is moving I feel pain in the stomach during night time,I'm 38 weeks pregnant. Now I'm suffering from leg pain and back pain

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Answer: This is a normally process don't worry but back pain is a signal to coming labour pain in coming days and do proper rest and take correct intake of food for body blood circulation for improvement leg pain.
Answer: Dear getting leg pain back pain and abdominal pain is very normal at this stage of pregnancy because your baby has gained most of the weight which is all over your leg and back
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Question: I'm 37 weeks pregnant mother,from today morning I feel pain in my abdomen.Is it labour pain?? I haven't any back pain.
Answer: Dear mild abdominal pain is not a symptom of labour.if you have any severe back pain, continuous abdominal tighetening and water leakage from vagina, blood discharge from vagina take it as symptoms of labour.if you have any one of these please visit doctor as early as possible.
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Question: Hi doctor am 38 week pregnant last two days i feel my stomach is tightness and uncomfortable during night time why it happens like that.
Answer: Dear labour pain is contractions and you can feel the contractions even a little earlier before your actual a bus starts so possibly these are the contractions that you are feeling them at this stage don't worry just take rest a warm compress and relax everything will be fine
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Question: i m suffering with stomach pain n back pain now i am 5th month pregnant
Answer: Both pains are quite normal during pregnancy, for back pain ask your doctor for calcium medicine. Eat ajwain and drink black salt power with warm water for acidity which is also a case for stomach pain, if stomach pain is sever, consult to your doctor
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