7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Whenever I am drinking water I am feeling vomiting sensation for some time. But when I eat I feel good. I am very confused why this is happening. Drinking 3-4 liters of water everyday is necessary but I can't. What to do, please suggest. I am 6weeks pregnant.

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Answer: Dear I know actually we drink water in one sip so that's why it happens so drink water sip by sip slowly then u will feel better and water is very important during pregnancy because Ur body needs more fluid because baby . So please drink lots of water but sip by sip...
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Question: whenever I eat something ,I feel vomiting sensation,Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is vomiting and few very common and easy thing you can do to help you for copping up. For morning nausea, eat toast, cereal, crackers, or other dry foods before getting out of bed. Eat cheese, lean meat, or another high-protein snack before bedtime. Sip fluids, such as clear fruit juices, water, or ice chips, throughout the day. Don’t drink lots of fluid at one time. Eat small meals or snacks every two to three hours instead of three large meals per day. Don’t eat fried, greasy, or spicy foods. Avoid foods with strong odors that are bothersome. Or eat foods cold or at room temperature.
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Question: Am feeling very tied and in aftertoon time I feel vomiting sensation and some headache sensation
Answer: Hi it do happens as during pregnancy ur body need a proper neutrition to have an active body. U feel low and vomit as it is happening due to harmonal disbalance. Have ginger tea in the morning . Don't have very heavy diet. Have small portion of food. Have fruits , dry fruits , juice or whatever u want to eat have it but don't over eat. And also don't avoid eating something otherwise u will feel weak.
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Question: I am drinking water on time but atill my lips are getting dried and feel like to drink water after 5 mins..why thia is happening?? Please suggest
Answer: Common...stay hydrated and apply Vaseline to ur dried lips
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