30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When will third trimester scan will be done?

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Answer: After 35w ownword...
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Question: I have done my second trimester scanning. When next scan will do? I means third trimester scan.
Answer: Hi dear it can be in early weeks of 9 month known as growth scan if everything is normal... If there is any need u may have in between orelse directly growth scan in 9th month .. happy pregnancy
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Question: When will be the last scan done?
Answer: 38weeks dr, happy pregnancy if ur satisfied with my answer plz mark it as useful
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Question: tiffa scan when will be done
Answer: Hi congrats, Tiffa scan is done at 18 to 23 weeks as detailed study of your growing baby needs to be done...during the scan each and every part of the fetus imaged using the rule of 3...which is normal and safe...even I got this scan done as we and doc need to know if baby is growing properly and safe... consult with your doc on this... take care ☺ 👍
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