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Question: When will do sonography in 7 month of pregnancy ..means in first 2 weeks or last 2 week s

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Answer: Hi dear, Many moms-to-be don't need an ultrasound in the third trimester, but if you're over age 35 or your doctor wants to closely monitor your baby's growth, you may get one or more before baby is born. (Other reasons for third-trimester ultrasounds include low levels of amniotic fluid, bleeding, and pre-term contractions.)
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Question: Hi it's my first pregnancy and now I'm in my last week of 8th month so usually when does the first born babies are born in which weeks
Answer: Hello dear, if you are planning for delivery, wait till 39 weeks. Getting to at least 39 weeks gives your baby the time he needs to grow. Lots of important things happen to your baby in the last few weeks of pregnancy. For example, your baby's brain and lungs are still developing. Otherwise after 37 weeks, you can plan also. Hope it helped Take care urself..
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Answer: Hi dear, You can refer to the following table : Month 1- week 1 to 4 Month 2- week 5 to 8 Month 3- week 9 to 13 Month 4- week 14 to 17 Month 5 - week 18 to 22 Month 6- week 23 to 27 Month 7- week 28 to 31 Month 8- week 32 to 35 Month 9- week 36 to 40
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Question: When will i do my first sonography?
Answer: In 5th month Your Doctor will give you the of your sonography i
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