2 months old baby

Question: When we start cerelac for babies ?

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Answer: Hie You can start post 6 months However it would be best if. You opt got home made cerelac Following is the method to make one Soak a grain of your choice Eg Dalia,rice,moong dal, ragi,chana etc Wash and soak in water for 8-10 hours Air-dry or sundry it for 6-7 hours Roast it on low flame untill turns red or poppy it gives aroma when ready Cool and grind to form powder in mixer Store it in airtight container . To make porridge Add two small spoons of powder to a glass of water . Cook on low flame untill porridge like or slightly thick consistency . Serve warm add a spoon of ghee on top
Answer: Upto 6 month... breastmilk is good for baby... after 6th month u can feed him other things...
Answer: After completion of 6months.
Answer: From 6 month
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Question: When can we start cerelac for babies?and which one is good for baby
Answer: Starting with formula food is good as it is a starting step towards giving solid food to your baby. There are a lot of flavors of cerelac. Just check and see the age group and buy the one that suits your baby. Do give your baby homemade porridge like oats porridge, ragi porridge, banana porridge and try to limit formula food
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Question: When will start cerelac for babies
Answer: Hi mam you can start cerelac to babies from six month on WhatsApp you can start with cerelac steamed Apple mashed banana potato papaya mashed you can also give rises at a rice cooker well added with water or you can also give milk rice blended which which is easily digestible for babies and also helps baby to grow well
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Question: When we have to start cerelac for babies
Answer: Hi u can start cerelac or any other solid food for ur baby when he will be above 6 months of age. Right now ur baby need only breastmilk till 6 months which is enough for baby neutrition
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