36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When we should go for Doppler test

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Answer: Hii Doppler scan is a type of ultrasound scan. A doppler test uses sound waves to check how blood flows through your blood vessels. It shows the rate of blood flow through arteries and veins.it generally happens in the last leg of pregnancy.
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Question: Is 3d Doppler test necessary for everyone ? N when should we go for it
Answer: Hi Growth scan and colour doppler studies between 36 and 40 weeks. And yes its advised to all the females during pregnancy.
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Question: When should we go for pregnancy test
Answer: mostly after one week but in some cases the time is 15 days
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Question: When should we go for HSG test?
Answer: Hi, Another name for it is hysterosalpingography .It is an x ray test done to see the internal shape of uterus and to check if the fallopian tubes are blocked or open. Through the vagina thin tube is passed and a contrast material is injected. A few x rays are taken which shows this dye as white as it moves into the uterus and then into the fallopian tubes.Finally dye spills into pelvic cavity.. However if the tubes are blocked it makes the dye difficult to pass through and hence shows the blockage. Please consult your doctor.
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