6 months old baby

Question: when we have to kelp egg for infants

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Answer: Hello dear, you can give egg or another non veg food after 1 year in your baby diet. Baby can't digest now.
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Question: when we have to keep egg for infants i mean for infants
Answer: Hello dear you can give your baby eggs from six months. You can scramble, poach, boil, or fry eggs for your baby, or share an omelette with him. See what your baby likes best.  You can also give your baby foods containing cooked egg, such as custard.  When you give egg to your baby for the first time, just give him a mouthful or two to be on the safe side. 
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Question: when we give the vasambu to infants...
Answer: We started giving it from 12th day of birth. You jus mix a pinch of that charcoal in breast milk or formula and give. We give only once a week.
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Question: Wen do we have to start giving water for infants
Answer: Hi dear, till 6 month only breasts feed to your baby, after 6 month you can start with water and light food.
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Question: when do we get vision in infants?
Answer: At 4 months your baby can distinguish between colours and can see up to 3feets As they grow it keeps improvibf every month and can clearly see by 1.5 years of age
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