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Question: when we can use belt for reducing bally after cesarian??

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Answer: Hello dear. Abdominal belt should be used only after a month, as it takes about 25 days for the stitches to heal. You can also confirm with your doctor. The abdominal belt holds the loose flesh around the belly and thus makes each movement easier. As your abdomen is held firmly in place, your incision wounds heal quickly. Take care.
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Question: Can we use belt immediately after the cesarian?
Answer: Hello, Consult your doctor before you want touse any such postpartum items to reduce belly. Remember a C-section is a major surgery which affects the deeper layers of the abdomen. It's healing takes time and one is advised not to try any strenuous activity thatcan put a pressure on the abdomen.
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Question: When can we use tmy belt after c section
Answer: The belly fat is the most difficult to get rid off.But with healthy eating (green leafy vegetables,eggs etc)combined with excercise you could lose the extra pounds from your tummy.Till the time you are lactating,do not go under any strict diet.Just healthy eating with loads of proteins and cutting down own simple carbs like rice,bread,maida will help.Start walking or exercising 20-30 mins per day . you can consult your doctor about belt safety.
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Question: From when can we use maternity belt after c section
Answer: Hello dear you can use Maternity belt after six month from delivery because the stitches will be completely cured by then . you can avoid wearing Maternity belt by doing a regular exercise and following healthy diet . because when you start wearing it it will become mandatory to wear it everyday so you can try to reduce your tummy by doing regular workout you can also follow a healthy diet and a strict diet where you take only fibres and nutrients rich food. avoid more carbohydrate you can instead take ragi kuruthawali thinai kambu. avoid deep fried foods junk foods aerated cool drinks Street foods . take more vegetables and water .
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