3 months old baby

Question: When we can introduce solid food for babies? Am not having breast milk. Please tell me

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Answer: Hi dear baby needs breast milk at that time so i think if you are getting it then you should give it. If there is some problem in breast milk then at least give formula milk. Solid food can only be introduced once baby will be 6 months. Before that they wont be able to digest it.
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Question: When can we start solid food for baby?
Answer: Dear solid food can be started only when child is 6 month old .... Before that it is not suitable as digestive system of child is not ready for it . So wait till 6 months . Tc
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Question: When should we introduce solid food to babies?? In the beginning of 6 months or after completing 6 month??
Answer: U can start solid food but mashed and soft food at the starting of 6 months like Daliya, halwa, mashed papaya, khichri, boiled rice water, boiled pulses water kheer lassi dahi chach. Give less salt and sugar to baby. Give water too.
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Question: Hii ... am having 2 days old baby ... am not getting breast milk ... please tell me what to do
Answer: Have snake guard curry,garlic and try using ksheeravardhini
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