9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When was my teemy look there is a baby?

2 Answers
Answer: Usually 2nd trimester is when you start showing unless you are carrying more than one baby in which case the bump is visible in the 1st trimester itself.
Answer: In the start of fifth month the tummy seems more prominent. In some cases it is prominent from 4 month also
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Answer: Hi dear, Every pregnancy is different and based on the body type baby bump is visible.if it is your first pregnancy,it would show even later.as the uterus muscles are tight and toned.aa long as your scans are normal,donot worry about the baby bump. It does not determine the growth of the baby inside.continue to eat healthy and stay active.usually by end of 2 Nd trimester you get to see bump.
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Answer: Hi! Babies start reacting to sounds at about 4 months of age. They start looking here and there to understand the source of the sound and by 6 months they try to imitate what they hear. Your newborn can hear but not clearly as their hearing system is somewhat immature. Hope this helps!
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