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Question: When vomit feeling and heavyness ends and when we start eating normaly without heavy like feeling

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Answer: Eat frequently in a every 1 hour. It depends upon your hormones.level..vomit feeling can happen anytime. It varies..vomiting, heavyness, acidity, gas headache, back ache, upper stomach pain these are normal symptoms of pregnancy which occur time by time during whole pregnancy. So don't worry eat frequently.what u want.. since 5 months u can eat normally.
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Question: hello mam, when placenta start to grow and when ends
Answer: Placenta starts to grow when the pregnancy starts. its the part which supply nutrients to your baby from you and it will be with your baby till the delivery. After delivery, doctor removes it.
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Question: When we start feeling hiccups
Answer: Your baby must have already started hiccuping. However you will be able to start feeling it only after 27 weeks. As you have already crossed 27 weeks you can feel it anytime now.
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Question: I'm 7week pregnant and always feel like vomiting but don't vomit... Due to which I don't enjoy food and after eating anything I start feeling like vomit again how to overcome with it.
Answer: Hello Dear I understand how tired yu must have been with Nausea but it is common least for first three months.As yu not able to eat meet your doctor she will give anti-sickness or antihistamines, which are safe for baby. Try this remedies it helped me *Eat sumthng in bed before you get up and start day. *Eat several small meals day and avoid empty stomach. *Eat protein such as well cooked eggs, dairy products, lean meats, beans, whole grains, pulses and seeds. *Stay away from oily n junk food *Have a teaspoon of jeera powder with black salt. *some Snell cause nausea avoid them "Stay well hydrated sip small amount in every half n hour. *Have a spoon of ginger juice with honey every morning. *try some ginger or lemon tea with Tulsi n mint leaves. *Coconut water,fresh citrus fruits or juice help a lot *Lemon water with honey also reduce nausea Take care
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