13 months old baby

Question: When shud typhoid conjugate vaccine is given

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Question: due to lock down we not given ,Hepatitis A vaccine. Can we give later is this ok for baby or should I visit Dr for vaccine.
Answer: Dear it is always better to give your baby vaccination on time. Delay in vaccination is harmful but skipping vaccination could be dangerous. However you should consult doctor in ur next visit for this vaccination. Take care of your baby.
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Question: My baby is suffering from typhoid ..what food shud i feed
Answer: So if you do, it's a good idea to limit your intake of Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, turnips, and bok choy, because research suggests digesting these vegetables may block the thyroid's ability to utilize iodine, which is essential for normal thyroid function. Roasted seaweed. Seaweed, such as kelp, nori, and wakame, are naturally rich in iodine—a trace element needed for normal thyroid function. ... Salted nuts. Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, and hazelnuts are excellent sources of selenium, which helps support healthy thyroid function. ... Baked fish. ... Frozen yogurt. ... Fresh eggs.
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Question: My baby is five month nine days old..when I put sixth month vaccine for him???
Answer: 6 month vaccination should be given when your baby will complete 6 month
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