5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When to visit a doctor after pregnancy test done in home . The result is positive .

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Answer: Hello.. after confirming your pregnancy with home pregnancy test,it is better to consult doctor within a week,she will prescribe you folic acid tablet which will help your baby in controlling neural tube defects,and for further test
Answer: Hie Visit the gynecologist at the earliest so that you can start with your prenatal vitamin and food supplements to meet the growing need of your body ad well as the fetus
Answer: Congratulations You can visit doctor now Visiting early is good
Answer: Immediate u have to do ur pregenancy care with a gynaecologist
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Question: when to visit doctor after positive pregnancy test
Answer: Hello Get a home pregnancy test if u get a positive result then get a blood test done select a good gynecologist and begin this wonderful journey
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Question: Hi, I have done a pregnancy test at home and twice it showed up positive. So when is the right time to visit a doctor?
Answer: Many women do the mistakes. They wait few weeks to go to the doctor. I suggest whenever u got it positive result u need to go to the doctor sharp. Dr will confirm that it is a normal pregnancy not ectopic pregnancy. Thanks
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Question: I have done pregnancy test i got positive so ...when is right time to visit doctor
Answer: If it is positive..... Congratulations dear...... Dont wait for the days...u can go to doctor as soon as possible..no problem...
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