17 months old baby

Question: When to stop using feeding bottle

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Answer: After 1 year.start solid
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Question: When to stop bottle feeding
Answer: Hi dear it is the right age to stop bottle feeding you can start sipper or glass bottles are not good as they can give cholic glass is best and if baby cannot get adjusted you can use sipper good luck
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Question: Babby still drinking milk with feeding bottle, when will he stop using bottle
Answer: Hi! Bottle should have been weaned at 1 year of age, it is said to harmful and create a lot of oral disfunction due to sucking. Offer him liquids in tumbler, open cups, sippy or straw cups without any further delay. He will make a mess initially but its worth going for the mess. Hope this helps!
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Question: How to stop bottle feeding?
Answer:  Hello Babies are hard wired to breast feed you cannot switch very easily to a bottle. But the weaning process will take time and is not impossible the best way to do dis is to a replacement with a better tasting option. Limit ur nursing sessions so the baby feels hungry that way u it will also help u with solid food feeding. Go slowly as he is use to breast feeding don't cut it immidiately. Involve his dear daddy, let his daddy put him to sleep that way u ll be away n bottle feeding gets a chance. Make a decision and stay on it as u feel so bad for ur baby u ll go back to feeding fulltime then u ll have to start the weaning process again Hope I helped
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