6 months old baby

Question: When to introduce lil oil or egg yolk to baby?

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Answer: start only after one year it's better.. as of my opinion their digestive system may capable at that time
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Question: When can we give egg and which can we introduce first egg yolk or egg white
Answer: Since 8 months you can give egg yolk but don't give egg white till 1 year
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Question: When can we start egg.. And what shd we introduce first egg yolk or egg white... Tell few method to introduce
Answer: Hi dear. Try introducing egg whites first. Yolk may cause gastric. And you can give boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, omlette
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Question: How to introduce egg yolk to my baby?
Answer: Hi Since egg yolk is dry you need to mash it either with breast milk or daal etc. and feed the baby.. Hope this helps!
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