3 months old baby

Question: When to give cerelac

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Answer: Hello dear... According to pediatrician,Breast milk is only needed for six months,after six months can a solids like ragi porridge,wheat porridge,cerelac,but whatever you feed , should be in semisolid consistency,sothat it is easily to swallow and digestible
Answer: Hello dear. You should start with Cerelac or any other solids only after 6 months, till then Breastmillk or formula milk would be sufficient. Take care.
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Question: when we can give cerelac
Answer: Hello dear... According to pediatrician,breast milk is alone needed for six months,after six months ,you can gradually introduce solids to your baby like ragi ,wheat porridge, cerelac,whatever you feed your baby give it in semisolid condition,so that they can easily swallow and digestable
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Question: when should i give cerelac
Answer: Hello! Solid or semi -solid should be started only at 6 months. However, it is better to avoid cerelac as it has sugar and preservatives. Better is to give the baby homemade fresh food.
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Question: When we give baby cerelac
Answer: Hello dear... you can feed solids like cerelac,porridge after six months,but feed breastmilk only to baby till six months,will be effective
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