5 months old baby

Question: When to apply oil to baby head after bath

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Answer: Hi dear You can apply oil to baby after 10-15 min of bath...you can use gentle hair oil or coconut oil which is heated and cooled as some babies may caught cold because of cocnut oil.. If its heated and cooled it ll keep away from cold and helps for babies healthy hair growth
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Question: After the bath can we apply oil to babies head
Answer: Hi dear, it is better to apply oil on your baby's here before bath and massage gently for June to 15 minutes. During bathing excess oil with bus stop but if you will apply here all after bathing then it will remain in your babies here which will catch and deposit dust & dirt particular on your baby's scalp. So I will suggest you it's better to avoid applying oil after bathing.
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Question: When to apply oil for head
Answer: Before bathing the baby apply oil and massage head and body.
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Question: Is it save to apply oil after bath?
Answer: Hi dear , don't apply oil after bath at least in Summertime. Do oil massage before bath and after bath you can apply gentle baby body lotion or cream to keep your baby skin hydrated. Hope it helps.
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