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Question: When starts fertile days

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Answer: Subtract 14 from the day of menstrual cycle. I.e. if your cycle is 28days subtracting 14, you will get 14 , which means you will be ovulating on 14 the day of your cycle. So your fertile days will be day 12- day 16 of your cycle. I hope you understood. If any doubts pls contact me. If you found this helpful please click the helpful button.
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Question: My period cycle is 35 days cycle when my fertile days starts
Answer: Hi,your ovulation period will be from 13-18 the day of your can also use ovulation kit which will help you to know the feetile period.
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Question: When is my fertile periods starts can u tl appropriately my period last fr 27 days
Answer: Hi dear For fast pregnancy do take vitamin B rich diets Do take beetroots as it help for blood flow to uterus which increase chances of pregnancy and treats infertility Usually your ovulation starts from 10 th day of your periods do intercourse from your 10th day to 18th day to get fast pregnancy anf after 18th day take rest and avoid travels,spicy foods and dont life weights Also while doing sex keep a pillow under your back hip portion which has more possibility to let sperm in to touch egg
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Question: I got periods on 18 th july...when my fertile days starts?
Answer: It usually comes in the mid of mensural cycle. If you have 28 days cycle then 14th day is approximately when you will ovulate. So your fertile days ll be between 10th - 16th day.
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Question: My last period is jan28,when is my fertile days starts and ends
Answer: If ur LMP START date is Jan 28 then It will be from 10th Feb to 13th Feb
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