1 months old baby

Question: When should we start giving oil massage to Newborn?

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Answer: Hello dear... You should give baby massage after twenty days of birth, it helps in nourishing baby skin and also promote good sleep
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Question: Hiii I want to know when we should start oil massage to baby n mother?
Answer: Olive oil is the best oil to massage for both pragnent mother and baby... You can massage over your whole body and especially your tummy as it will be beneficial for both u and your baby.. Apply olive oil over your chest , tummy , feet ... It will also reduce swelling n is also good to reduce scratch marks from your skin... And after birth u can give a warm massage to your baby too.. As it is highly beneficial for him also.
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Question: Which oil is best for baby massage and how to massage ...from when should we start massaging
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. A combination of olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil is best for baby body massage. It's best if you can apply warm oil to the baby. Mustard oil is also good but not recommended for more than once or twice a week. You can start massaging from one week. Take care
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Question: which oil should be use for massage a newborn baby
Answer: Hi dear, My doctor had recommended for my baby ,organic olive oil.my mother insisted mustard oil.i felt both were quite good for baby.prior to bath I used to massage my baby for 5 minutes,in a closed room,so that she doesn't catch cold.
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