9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When should I can start having saffron with milk

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Answer: Hello You can start now. Saffron with milk is very good during pregnancy as it helps regulate blood pressure. It helps in digestion and supplies blood uniformly to all parts of the body.it also helps in controlling ur mood swings. It helps reduce gastritus. It helps reduce cold symptoms. It's an anti depressants and Elevates your mood and controls emotional stess. You can start using saffron form the time u r pregnant. Do not over use saffron as it can cause contractions.
Answer: Hello... Saffron has lot of health benefits,you can drink after first trimester before bed, can use two to three strand of saffron, saffronhas act as a good muscle relaxant,which is needed during pregnancy,it also provides digestion and appetite by supplying blood equally to the body,it also controls mood swings happens during pregnancy
Answer: You can have it from 3rd month of pregnancy. If my answer is satisfied then mark as helpful.
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Question: I am 7 months pregnant...can I start having saffron with milk..
Answer: Please check with your doc. It may depend upon ur health condition. I used to have it from 7th month and also only 4-5 strands I used to add in milk.
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Question: Helo..when I start eat saffron with milk?
Answer: Dear saffron has alot of heat in it and it's summer not so please don't dri k saffron milk till 36 week and after that you can drink it.
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Question: When we can start having saffron milk in pregency?
Answer: Congrats on your pregnancy. You can take Saffron from 5th month onwards. You can soak it in the night and have in the morning, I too used to do the same. Have only few strands of it and not much. Hope this helps.
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