10 months old baby

Question: When onwards i can give fish to my baby

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Answer: Dear except for shellfish, you can serve your baby puréed or mashed fish as early as 6 months when he starts eating solids. Fish may seem like a "grown-up" food, but it is the ideal fare for infants. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can I give fish to my baby
Answer: Dear baby is 10 months so yes, you can give fish to your baby. Just make sure it's completely cooked and there is no bone in it..
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Question: When can I give fish to my 8 months old baby
Answer: Don't give before 1 year for safer side because less than 1 year baby's intestine is weak to digest
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Question: Can I give fish to baby
Answer: Hi! Yes fish is fine to be fed, avoid very big fishes which r loaded with mercury, else fish is very good for overall development of baby. Pomfret, Indian Salmon (Rawas) are safe for babies, small fishes like lady fish,whitefish, tilapia, tangra, surmai are good to start with. Steam them for sometime n then tawa fry to enhance the taste.. Good luck!
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