16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When my random blood sugar was taken . It was 84.so what about the condition of my sugar level

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Answer: Tea kam karo walk karo lemon drink
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Question: My random blood sugar level is 185. Is it normal?
Answer: No its not normal Mine was 165...doc has strtd dibetic medicines nd ask me to control on my suger intake..
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Question: My random blood sugar level is 105.. is it normal??
Answer: Hi,Dear Diabetes or sugar during pregnancy is though a common but at the same time controling is equally important.normal sugar level post eating should be below 140 mg/DL. Fasting sugar should be below 100 your is 105 discuss it with your doctor once. Few life style changes can bring back sugar balance. Eat smaller frequent meals instead of larger meals.this will ensure sugar balance throughout the day. say no to all forms of sugar and avoid refined food. Whole grains and proteins which are slowly digested can raise sugar slowly.prefer brown rice over white rice.oats and whole wheat are preferred.exercises can be very beneficial during such cases too.keep monitoring sugar level. Uncontrolled sugar could make larger baby and preterm labor.
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Question: What is the normal random blood sugar level
Answer: Hello dear Normal blood sugar level during pregnancy should be below 95 mg/dl before meals, 140 mg/dl an hour after a meal, or 120 mg/dl two hours after a meal.
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