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Question: When my husband shave his penis and after that, like 2 days there are small hires on his penis that hurt my vigina, is that ok or a problem? Please help

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Answer: That happens with us too and hurts a lot
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    Black Ops2 days ago

    So that means it's okay? Because vigina is sensitive that's why I wanted to know if there other side effect

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Question: I have 8 days old baby and I am breast feeding him from beginning. Now my nipples are cracked and hurts alot when feeding my baby. There are small blood clots on it. Like. Blood has been come out during feeding. Can anyone plz suggest me home remedies and medicine for nipples that are extremely hurt and have clot over it. Plz help me.
Answer: Please apply nipcare cream, it works really well. You can also apply your own breast milk and dry it. You can also try to use nipple shield might be useful.
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Answer: My baby was not taking feeding am worring about 3 mnths old baby wat it mean
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Answer: Yes it is just head is swelled a bit apply oil it daily
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