1 months old baby

Question: When my baby wake up he is suffered like a stuffy nose its happen only early morning and after nite 10 o clk and fan air is running he do like stuffy nose but there is no sign of cold what is the reason

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Answer: Hi dear Newborns are often sufferers of stuffy nose.they are prone to nasal dryness,and adenoids.adenoida tissues improves as they age.so.any exposure to dust , pollution or even a dry air in room could create inflammation in nasal tissues.its better to keep a room humidifier,which would keep the air moist.so baby could breathe normally.
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Question: My baby is 9 and half months old.. He is having severe cold but no fever... Running nose in morning and stuffy nose in evening.. What shall I do for him?
Answer: Put normal saline nasal drops thrice a day ,and start antibiotic syp. Amoxy clave 325 mg 1/2 tsf twice a day. Try to give him steam or nebulize him. And do give him syp paracetamol 325mg 1 tsf twice a day
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Question: My baby is not sleeping also he has no stomach pain he just sleeps and wake up after 10 min and started crying,what could be the reason
Answer: Pls make sure baby is not sleep deprived. Ensure baby warmth by carrying the baby in your lap, for maximum possible time. Colicaid drops are safe to be given 4 times a day, 3ml each time. Also put more focus on baby posture & burping after every feed. You can try delicate massage near baby's bellybutton, this will relax the stomach and help baby in releasing gas.
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Question: I will wake up 9 o clock in the morning and I will have breakfast 10 o clock it affect my baby?is it good?
Answer: It's late...at least you have your breakfast on 8 or between 8:30
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