5 months old baby

Question: when is the right time to introduce cereal to baby 👶 and what should be the feeding pattern right now she is having formula Milk on every 2 to 3 hours

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Question: Baby having hiccups after every feed is it normal ? My baby is feeding on both Breast milk and Formula milk
Answer: Hiccups indicate 1. U have overfed the baby or 2. Not burped the baby properly or 3. Baby is sucking air while feeding. In this case put saline water drops in babys nose before each feed
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Question: My baby is 60 days old .she is on bf .she usually demand feeding within 2 hours but sometimes she sleeps and wake up upto 3 hours ..plz suggest what is the right way of feeding in which intervals????
Answer: Plz feed baby whenever she demands bcz you baby is small and need more nutrition for development Also after 6 months you feed her in fixed time intervals along semi solid food
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Question: My daughter is 23 days old. She is on formula milk. Every time she takes milk she passes poop is it normal. And what should be time difference between every feeding
Answer: Its normal babys do poop after each feed n keep agap 2hrs between each feed
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