6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: when is the baby's heart formed ?

2 Answers
Answer: Ur baby's heart starts developing from week 5 but u can't make out heart beat sounds through ultrasound because it is very minute at dat time, from ur 8th week u can hear heart sounds via ultrasound tests. That's a 1st mile stone for pregnancy.
Answer: 6-7weeks
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Question: When is the heart formed
Answer: When pregnancy is confirmed at that time only u can hear it baby heartbeat
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Question: Dear..mam...when the embryo is formed..
Answer: Dear in weeks 4 to 5, the embryo starts to grow and develop but sometime because of late conception embryo can be late.
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Question: When will the baby's heart beat start actually
Answer: Dear heartbeat of the baby arrives at 6 weeks however it is sometimes not visible in the early scans and becomes visible in the scan done after 8th week. Hope it helps.
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