14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When I went to visit doctor for first time, she told me that I have cyst and in the second visit she took a scan and told me that its size is reduced ,could you please tell me what is this cyst and what precautions I need to take Please advise me

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Answer: This is a A solid or fluid-filled sac or pocket (cyst) within or on the surface of an ovary.now that you are already pregnant I don't think this is going to interfere with your pregnancy don't worry at all sometimes it disappears during the course of the pregnancy. Due to the hormonal medicines
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Question: Today is my first visit to Dr....she haven't taken any test like urine and blood test....she only gave me medicine and syrup...
Answer: Dear did you showed your doctor the test strip result. Possibly because of that doctor didn't ask you to take further urine or blood test. If you are not convinced with your doctor check up when you can take second opinion aur change your doctor anytime. Start taking supplements to avoid any birth defect in your baby.
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Question: Hii can you please tell me on how to lay down during pregnancy in first ,second and third trimester?
Answer: Dear from starting of pregnancy it is better to sleep on sides..though left side is preffered,but you can sleep on right as well..never slewpmon your back as in future when you grow bog ,it can press your spinal nerve and give you dizzyness and breathlessness..
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Question: Hello mam, I went to dr she told me my baby is not in correct position, like his legs is downward n head is in opposite direction. And she told me it's a symbol of scissoring. Pls advise so that normal delivery can be possible.
Answer: Baby can change its position in my 7th month scan my baby was also in breech position Nd doctor said is not permanent as baby keeps moving till 34 to 36 week you can wait for some more weeks have more fluids Nd don't stress yourself
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