8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When I went for scan it was almost 7week and 1 day but the size was too small 3.3 mm as per 7week... According to dr. its of 6week size ..So is it normal or need to worry .

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Answer: Hello!! It sometimes happens, try to increase your food intake. Have a balanced healthy diet, a rescan after 8th week Will be a better one. Take care
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    omama jamal935 days ago

    Thank you soo much

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Question: hi I went for scan but it was not visible size is too short and its 11 week
Answer: Dear late conception can be a reason for it but as you are in your 11 week so its important to get a rescan in 1 week to see baby growth also hcg test should be done to see if the count is increasing or not. So please consult with your doctor and get a frequent scan.
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Question: Am now 7week pregnant i had scan baby heart beat was normal but yolk was so big as it was 9 week ..but baby is too small ..is it any problem..CRL is 1.25cm
Answer: Hello dear. In such cases gynae usually repeat the scan after 2 week to see the growth of the baby and overall pregnancy. So please wait until that scan is done. Meanwhile eat heqlthy and stay hydrated. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi.. my last lmp was 1st jan .. butbthis is third time i did my sonography .. doctor told my sac size is 4.6 mm . It was 2.3 mm size in my last sonography.. plus he toleld its 5 week 4 day as per sac size.. he asked me to come after 10 days.. doc says growth is not happening.. is anything to worry
Answer: hi dear! so if the sac is not growing then dear better is to abort the baby as the chances of miscarriage will be there dear. so do consult with your doctor about this dear. take care dear.
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