11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When I was 7 weeks pregnant but USG shows only 4weeks & g sac was ecentrically placed plz help

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Answer: Hi,that means the growth is not proper.please eat well and take good rest.it s very imo.take care
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    Forever Forever785 days ago

    imo means mam

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Question: My USG was done in 6th week but only G sac and yolk sac was visible.. No fetal pole visible.. M worried.. Is it normal?
Answer: Please don't worry it happens in the cases where the periods irregular before pregnancy on due to the late conception Also fetal pole appreciated between 8 to 10 weeks so repeat the scan after 7 to 10 days to see the status
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Question: Mam i did my usual on 6 weeks but no yolk sac or fetal pole was found....only g sac was present?is there chances of my g sac being empty?plz answer?
Answer: Had same situation. Wait 2 more weeks. Doc asked me to Take maximum rest and no climbing stepping down steps... I gotyolk sac fetal pole aft 2 weeks..
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Question: Please help.. Before I week done my USG shows Sac with 5 weeks pragnancy.. Today after 1week USG shows only Sac with slight chances of ectopic pragnancy.. Please help
Answer: Better discuss with your doctor about the survival. Of baby
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