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Question: When i was not in sex there is curvical muces..when i was in sex its not it any prblm??

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Answer: Dear sometimes when you are excited you will get some white discharge its completely normal. If you are not getting any discharge while sex then also its completely normal dont worry..
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Question: Hi dear..when i was in intercourse the curvical mucus is not obtained whole there any promblem???
Answer: Dear sometimes because of some hormonal imbalance you can experience some low amount of cervical mucus after intercourse.. so don't worry just eat right and avoid any junk food.. also if it is happening from one month then it is advisable to check with gynecologist about it.. other than it's all fine..
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Question: Hi mam ......i feel movements regularly...but its not like kicks....y is it so...and is there any prblm
Answer: Hi, movements can be anything ,just fluttering or hiccups or baby kicks,it is not necessarily that baby movements should only be long as you are able to feel strong movements throughout the day there is nothing to worry.
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Question: I am getting thick pure white discharge during sex. It is hurting me during sex. Is there any prblm
Answer: Hello dear, very thick white discharge with smell could be a sign of fungal infection. Pain during sex is also not a good sign. I will suggest yoy to consult a doctor to get proper medicine.
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