23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When i try to sleep/ lie down on my right hand side my abdomen getting pain exactly below the last rib.. left side no problem.. y it will happen always??

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Answer: Its good to sleep on left side. When u sleep on your left side our digestive system work properly. Now days as u pregnant u have to more try to sleep on left side for food digestion or baby position.
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Question: Guys when v sleep on left side will left hand be up on stomach or the right hand
Answer: When u sleep on left side it right hand would be free to put on stomach
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Question: Hi, im getting pain and my skin is getting numbness at left side exactly below my breast this is only when i sleep left side ,when im turning to my right side it will be normal
Answer: Dear actully it happens because of pressure of the baby on that side. So try to keep changing side while sleeping and also keep a very thin pillow under under your tummy that will help put support and prevent numbness and pressure..
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Question: What happen when i lie down on right side ? I couldnt lie on left side for more Hourrs. So some time I will turn to right side is it ok ?
Answer: Ya tats fine .. u can.. but whenever possible try on left side too...
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