28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When I stand for long time, I ll get pain near belly button on right side.. Is it normal or should I be worried.??

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Answer: Hi,this is normal.it is called.round ligament pain which happens on either side or both sides of abdomen You should not stand for too long at a stretch If you feel uncomfortable you should consult your Dr.
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Question: Left side near Belly button get pain while sitting and pressing ...is that normal?
Answer: Hello! Mild pain is common, it happens mainly due to the stretching of the muscles and ligaments due to the expanding uterus. There is nothing to worry. Try to have plenty of water. Sleep on sides Get some exercise. Take care
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Question: Sometimes getting pain in stomach on left or right side near or away from belly button or upper stomach. Is it normal ? Im 23 weeks now.
Answer: S it is normal don't worry.. Because when baby is grow the stomach will be extended so...
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Question: I am having pulling feel near my belly button.. i am little worried... is it normal?
Answer: That is your baby movements... Nothing to worry.. Enjoy the movements
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