12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When i sleep on my left side in night i feel something stiff or pushing my stomach that side..Its not moving and all..Is that baby or i just feel it as gas or something ..

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Answer: Yes I feel the same. I have always been a side sleeper but just don't get comfortable in that position anymore. I feel like I might squeeze the baby!
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    Anjana Vyshakh731 days ago

    Oh I will message u personally pls lookit

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Question: Is it mendatory to sleep on left side. As i feel discomfortable at night to sleep on left side
Answer: Yes dear....The best sleep position is to sleep on your left side.Keep in mind that you may not stay in one position all night, and rotating positions is fine.
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Question: I feel something in my stomach that moving is it gas??
Answer: Hello! Yes, probably it is gas whichever is giving you a feeling of moving around. There is nothing to worry it is common during pregnancy. Take care
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Question: in stomach in right side i feel something pushing out is it baby movement or gas i am confused
Answer: Hi.. Yes, it might be ur baby's movement. To me it feels like bubbles popping around in my belly. It's never felt like fluttering or gas to me. I'm sure everyone feels it differently. It comes frequently, and it's the same feeling every time.It is very exciting and it reassures that ur baby is growing and getting stronger every day.
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