25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When I sleep left side after 10 r 15 min am feeling some pain. Am worried about this

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Answer: Hello dear. Mild pain happens due to expanding of uterus as your growing baby causes pressure on the surrounding nerves. Keeping your legs bend and a pillow between them gives you the comfort while sleeping on sides. Hope. It helps.
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Question: I cant sleep on my left side....after 10/15 min i have pain.. Is it safe to sleep on my right side
Answer: Try to use pregnancy pillows for support and sleep on left side only. You can sleep on your right side for change over in between but not more than 10-15 mins at a stretch
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Question: When i sleep on the left side for a about 15-20 min a pain near vagina starts. What to do?
Answer: Try putting a pillow between your legs and sleep. It helped me.
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Question: It's a practice to sleep on left side...but after some time I am feeling pain below by left breast...something like burning sensation...is it common symptom??
Answer: Dear while having any discomfort while sleeping on left side you can change side to right for sometime and then again change to left.. also keep a very thin pillow under your baby bump for support that will give you relief..
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Question: Hi. Im in 38th week. I have pain in my left side lower back pain and pubic pain. I cant sleep in left side.is this one side of pain harmful to baby?? Pls someone rly me. Im worried about this.
Answer: Hi dear, dont worry, there are many reasons of such pain. Many expectant mother experience such kind of pain during pregnancy. It could be a muscle cramping pain or ligament pulling pain even sometimes gas causes such kind of pain. If the intensity of pain increases why you feel vomiting nausea with pain then you should consult your doctor.
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