4 months old baby

Question: when I pump I get from 20 to 30 ml per session...what will I do. I ate 2 glasses of milk, moringa leaves and 2 glasses of oats every day...

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Question: I used to have 1 banana per day and 2 glasses of milk ..Is it sufficient??
Answer: Milk helps to earn calcium.. I think you don't want calcium tablet... Banana increases your hungry.. It is good nutrient carrier... Bt if it over weight ur baby it difficut in delivery time..ur body weight can increase 12 kg upto 9 months...
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Question: Hi.. I used to pump 60-80 ml milk from left breast but suddenly from last 2 days i can only pump 20-40 ml milk that to after lot of efforts.. What could be the reason for sudden change
Answer: Hello! There could be lots of reasons, stress, not getting enough rest, proper food intake is not there, baby not taking direct feed or skin contact not there. Try to see which is not there and you will get the reason for the low supply. Take care
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Question: When i pump , i get 40 ml breast milk in total per session from both breasts . Is it sufficient or i hv low milk supply . My baby cant latch properly so i hv to pump and feed him feom katori chamach . I pump 4 times and 4 times i give him formula .
Answer: It's enough, no need to worry.... Slowly try to avoid formula milk coz how far you feed the baby with breast milk the baby will b such strong in further days as they grow old
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