19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When i pee its little pain what should I do

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Answer: Drink lots of water, atleast 2.5, 3 litres of water daily. Have milk, buttermilk, lemon juice, kokam juice etc to keep you hydrated.
Answer: Hello dear you must have more water and consult ur doctor seems like u have infection
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Question: After i pee its burning what should i do???
Answer: Hi dear please increase your water intake you need to have a lot of fluid like Lassi butter milk fresh fruit juices not store bought, wait for a day and see that even after in taking more water or more liquid what is the status and after that please do contact your doctor immediately because it can be and UTI or urinary tract infection which is common in in pregnancy but needs to be treated as early as possible .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi! I have little pain near my right nipple, when I press and during feeding. What should I do? .
Answer: Hello dear If ur nipples are paining while ur baby is breastfeeding, then there can be various reasons for it. 1. Baby is not able to latch ur breast properly 2. Tight breast as there are too much milk in it. Cover breasts with warm, wet towel for 10-15 minutes. The warmth increases blood circulation, reducing pain.
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Question: I have little pain in abdominal what should I do?
Answer: U r in ur first timer so don't take risk oh ur pregnancy go and consult ur gynecologist once
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