12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When i had vomiting white creamy discharge is seen with little brown discharge isnt normal

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Answer: But if it continous..or the flow increases..u need to consult doctor..
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Question: Today I had little egg white discharge ..what is the reason
Answer: Hi, white discharge during pregnancy is very common because of increased blood circulation the cervix in pregnancy.it is called leukorrhea.better to use vaginal wash to prevent infections.if discharge is with any bad smell or excess or like curdy discharge please visit doctor once.take care
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Question: Hello everyone.. I had seen a light brown discharge with my urination. Is it normal in pregnancy or something abnormal.? Plz tell me I am bit scared
Answer: In early pregnancy this is normal . When baby attach to uterus than this old blood comes out. This is called implantation bleeding.
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Question: Suffering from fever and have noticed white creamy discharge.. transparent white discharge...is this normal or shuld consult dr.
Answer: Yes, in pregnancy time you can get white discharge this is absolutely normal. this will prevent your vagina from infection.
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