12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When i had a test it was positive..but when sonography was done then my doctor was not sure she ask me to report in 15days again..what is the problem?

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Answer: Hi dear.congrats to have a positive pregnancy test. this sonography is to confirm the viability of ur pregnancy.in simple words to check the healthyness of ur pregnancy.
Answer: Nothing to worry. Sometimes in the first scan things may not be clear. In the next scan it will be ok
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Question: Book my lmp was 6 July i tested on 15 Aug it was positive but little bleeding occur went to doc said for sonography but nothing was visible then doc say to wait for a week but again little spotting was seen on 20 Aug again upt was done it was positive but again in today's sonography no sac was visible too much confused pregnant or not. Plzzz help me
Answer: Hello! Sometimes due to late ovulation sac visibility might not be there. Wait till 10 week and go for a scan again. Bleeding is also part of pregnancy and happens due to the implantation bleeding. Hence don't worry..be positive and everything will be fine. Take care
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Question: When to visit a doctor after pregnancy test done in home . The result is positive .
Answer: Hello.. after confirming your pregnancy with home pregnancy test,it is better to consult doctor within a week,she will prescribe you folic acid tablet which will help your baby in controlling neural tube defects,and for further test
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Question: Hii doctor...on 28 of sep i had pregnancy test at my home ...it was positive ...nd now i m 9 th week ...my doctor has done urine test ...nd she said it was not positive before 2 days ....but today i had a test with the kit i got light shadow line ....so what is the reason ...
Answer: Check again with the dr take that kit with u which shows tge result.
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