40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When i go to sleep i prefer both the side for sleeping but many of times after 20 25 mins i not able to sleep. Is it normal

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Answer: Hello dear. Yes it is normal. Try sleeping on sides with ur legs bend and putting a pillow between the legs. This gave me relief. Hope it helps.
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    sonal patil669 days ago

    But i cant breath as well

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Question: I am going frequent pain in the chest I can't able to sleep side by side when I turn but it is not a acidity.Is this normal
Answer: Hi dear, Chest pain is a common complain now.the expansion uterus presses the diaphragm.the breasts becoming leges and the rib cage widens too.all these changes would make you feel quit breathless and can cause chest pain.it is normal not to worry!!
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Question: Hi mam, Everynight while sleeping I keep on changing sides every 20-30 mins and I am not able to stay on one side a longer time. Is it okay to keep doing this everytime when I go to sleep
Answer: Lack of sleep is very common during first and last trimester of pregnancy due to hormonal changes and body changes there is nothing to worry about so try reading some good books or listen some soft music it will help you
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Question: Hi i am 36months pregnant m not able to sleep properly because of wee.. I feel to go for wee many times is normal...
Answer: Yes dear its normal Drink plenty of water throughout the day, but minimize drinking after 7 p.m,so tat u dont hv to get up frequently fr urinating
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