27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When shud I go to doc I'm in 28 weeks she didn't call me ..my last visit was in last month ..what test to b done nd last tym I have done my cbc nd diabetes what to ask to Dr. now she talks very less ..nd I want to know abt normal delivery ,exercises bt she has not called me ...what to do

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Answer: Hello You have to meet ur doctor every month till 36th week then every week u have to meet her. Hello During pregnancy u can eat wt u want but it's also essential to eat right for u and ur growing baby. A well balanced diet filled with all the essential minerals and nutrients is very important. Eat proteins like chicken fish lamb. It's rich in b12 fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids wch helps in brain development. You have to be well hydrated as with water fresh fruit juices butter milk milkshakes etc Eat lots of ghee diary products this helps in increasing ur baby s weight . Eat lots fruits and vegetables lentils whole grains include high fiber foods so u will have a good iron content with nutrient value. Avoid eating or drinking citrus fruits as it can give u acidity. Do not eat papaya pineapple as they contain high estrogen levels r bad for ur baby. Keep physically active by walking stretching etc so u have fresh oxygen to ur blood.
Answer: If it's been a month since you last consulted your doctor, you need to consult now at 28weeks.. She will check your bp, weight and also check your baby's heartbeat.. She will advise you for a growth scan now or in the upcoming weeks.. And generally after this checkup your next checkup will be after 15days that is during 30th week.. You can ask her about exercises or any other concerns.. If she doesn't tell you about when your next checkup will be, kindly ask her and make a note.. Tc☺️
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Question: M 33 weeks pregnant nd my 2 weeks checkup is goin on.. what qstn shud i ask to doc??
Answer: Hi dear, You can ask or check the following: 1- amniotic fluid index 2- baby position,cephalic or breech 3- baby weight 4- cervix closed or effaced 5- due date Älso refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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Question: i visited to the doctor last week.. she checkd normally nd tell abt to take iron capsule, i am not satisfied with her ... next time when i should visit to the doc?
Answer: You have to take care of you and your baby help now your foetus Heartbeat seen so there is no other check UPS did you done your first scan then nothing to worry about it the second scan will be on 3 months every month you have to consult your doctor for general check up means she will look at your baby's heartbeat and suggest for tablets
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Question: Hi... My last periods were on 13 dec.. N stil i havnt gt my periods.. Hav done prega test dis mrng.. Bt its negative... Shud i visit d doc.
Answer: If you used to get regular periods and checked pregnancy test with the first urine of the day and still showed negative,better to consult a doctor.
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