Few weeks old baby

Question: When i express milk using electric pump it takea lot of time to collect 50ml milk.. Am i using the pump correctly?

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Answer: Dear as it's just been few weeks since baby birth so might be your milk supply is less. So don't worry spend more skin to skin time with your baby and also the more you feed the more will be supply..
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    Megha Mallan735 days ago

    Thanks much dear

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Question: How to express maximum breast milk by using pump...I am using medella hand pump...getting maximum of 30 ml milk via pump..feeling still milk remain in the breast .any tips or methods to collect more milk.
Answer: You must buy an electric pump. Because taking out milk requires rhythmic contraction as well as pressure and movements in Manual pumping reduce the milk supplier will advise you to drink two glass of water before sitting or before prior to taking out breast milk also you selected tablets twice a day to increase the milk supply massage your breast with lukewarm water I try to keep warm wet cloth over the breast before starting lactation
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Question: Hi. After I pump out milk with electric pump my nipples n breast pains a lot.. It pains whole day n even while m breast feeding my baby... Please help. I have been using Brest pump since 2days..
Answer: Hello! Sometimes using too much of breast pump can be painful. Don't use for a longer period. Instead use breast pump evenly through out the day . This will reduce the pain to certain extent. Take care
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Question: Is it ok ti to collect milk directly by squeezing breast without using breast pump ???
Answer: yes u can collect directly.before collecting wash ur hands and brest properly
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