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Question: When i do sex for sex for fast pregnancy

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Question: For fast pregnancy do we need to get sex daily?
Answer: No dear you need to have sex at the right time. Basically you ovulate 14 days before your next due periods. So if your periods are due on 28th of the month then you will be ovulating on 14th of the month and your fertile window will start from 2 days before ovulation so ideally your fertile window will be between 12th of the month to 14th of the month. So in these 3 days you have the maximum chance if conceiving and should be getting a positive result. Hope it helps.
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Question: Best sex position for fast pregnancy
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. When penetration is more, chances of pregnancy are more as sperm needs to travel less. Doggy position and missionary are best generally. But work according to your body, which position allows maximum penetration. Female orgasms are very important. If lady gets excited only pregnancy will be faster as enzymes produced allow sperm to move fast. Good luck
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Question: For fast pregnancy need to sex daily?
Answer: Not for fast pregnancy but yes having sex daily will increase your chances of getting pregnant
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