1 months old baby

Question: When i can apply ice after vaccination given to baby..she is continuously crying

2 Answers
Answer: When she starts crying apply the ice pack but not directly... Keep ice cube in clean white cloth n keep ot
Answer: After taking the vaccine n going back home u can apply. Later u can apply at 2hr intervals
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Question: can apply ice after 2 day of DPT vaccination
Answer: Hello! Yes you can apply ice on the vaccine area. But don't apply it directly, wrap the ice cube in a cotton cloth and then apply it.
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Question: Can I apply thrombophob gel to baby after vaccination.
Answer: Yes dear If ur doctor prescribed u to apply thrombophob then u can apply to the area where vaccination is given.
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Question: In winter season also We can apply ice to reduce swelling after vaccination
Answer: Yes u can use but wrap in a carry bag so that babby s skin wouldn't get wet
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