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Question: When I and my husband undergo sex it feels very painful for me when the peni enters my vergina and I feel tired. How can I satisfy him without avoiding it pls give a tip

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Answer: I understand your concern.. Try using some kind of lubricant which might help.. Take care.
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Question: When my husband and me sex process is so painful what can I do
Answer: Hi dear, Intercourse should never be painful or uncomfortable,rather it should be pleasurable.there could be few reasons if you donot find it enjoyable: 1- not enough lubrication For that you need to involve in foreplay.increse th time in other sex activities other than intercourse directly 2- avoid stress Stress of work/home or conceiving could kill the joy of sex,which could make everything very try to relax and enjoy every bit of it. 3- certain medications could also effect your arousal and then lubrication 4- hormonal imbalances could effect your sex life to a great extent 5- internal issues like endometriosis,pcod,etc could also result in painful sex 6- check with doctor if any physical abnormalities are responsible with you or your partner which could cause pain.
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Question: I feel very tired nd guess occurs in stomach pls give me a suggestion for gestrititation
Answer: Cimprove your died because your baby must be absorbing all your nutrients and you are left with no nutrients that's why you are feeling tired so there should be enough of iron calcium and protein in your diet. And if you are having the problem of gas then you should avoid avoid oily heavy and spicy food and make sure that avoid lying down on bed just after meals and also dinner should be taken 2 hour before bed time and make sure that you walk at least 10 minutes after every meal.
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Question: What is false labour pain? When and how it feel..... Is it very painful?
Answer: Hi dear . false labour pain is when labour pains caused by an injection known as pitocin. Many times the process of labour is fastened and by giving this injection.
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