8 months old baby

Question: when he bit food

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Question: Hi some time when my baby want to pass urine he is crying little bit why.
Answer: Hello mommy, this could be because of dehydrated body. Your baby is very small to have liquids the only thing u can give him at this stage is breast milk. Breast Milk have all the vital nutrients that ur baby need. Keep him hydrated by giving him breast milk only. Some tips for mothers also coz at this time mom is only the source of nutrition for the baby so keep urself hydrated have more or liquids like lime water, coconut water, cranberry juice. Include curd in ur diet coz it's the best probiotic. Also you  can apply hing paste on belly point.U can dip the ear buds in olive or coconut oil and keel it in the anal region.
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Question: Hello, my son he is 7yrs old.he is vry aggressive when he gets angry he used to bit other,don't wnt to listen other .and he don't wnt to hv food. What shall i do.
Answer: Hello dear It is mainly due to discomfort, pain or frustration U should try following things to calm ur baby: 1. Respond quickly 2. Never show ur anger back to baby 3. Let your child see you managing your own frustrations in a cool and composed way. 4. Try to respond to aggressive behaviour in a predictable way. 5. Once your child has calmed down, it’s time to discuss the situation with her gently and kindly 6. If your child makes a mess or spoils someone's game, let her know that it's up to her to put it right 7. The best way to make sure of this is to sit with her, and chat about what you're seeing.
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Question: When start hart bit...
Answer: My last period was 14th July. 2times test pregnancy kit but negative.i am very confused..
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