2 years old baby

Question: When going out with baby for more than 2hours what are the things I should take with me

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Answer: Hi dear as ur profile shows u have 2 year old baby so u should buy a nice big bag preferably diaper bag where u can keep diaper wet wipes baby hanky a set of cloth milk some snacks depends how long will u be out, hand sanitizer , water bottle a small toy , a stole , pair of socks . I do carry this and it is enough for my baby
Answer: Hey you can take water bottle some amount of light snacks that he / she can have u can take first aid kit with u and most important some diapers and extra underwear and pants with you 😊
Answer: 2 years old means u should take snacks items to eat lyk biscuits kaju and somemore wat ur baby eats
Answer: Food items.. extra dress, water, tissues for cleaning , diapers, etc
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Answer: Diaper bag( with diapers,changing mat,diaper rash cream,wipes,small blanket,hand sanitizer,few of the favourite toys,formula bottles if on FF). Then first aid kit Light baby stroller or baby carrier if possible Not to forget baby's medical file
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Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Your hospital bag can consist of Photo ID, insurance info, Cell phone and charger, sweater, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, clothes for baby and yourself to get back home. All the best.
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