6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When does nausea and other symps will starts..

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Answer: Hello dear. It's absolutely fine, not to feel any symptoms of pregnancy. Enjoy your time that you feel good, it could change at any minute. Most women won't feel any signs of pregnancy until they are six to seven weeks pregnant. All the best.
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    Sathyapriya kannan27 days ago

    Thank u so much mam

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Question: I am 37 days pregnant but do not have any nausea. Is this normal? And when does nausea n vomiting starts?
Answer: Hi dear, Not to worry,not many get typical pregnancy symptoms.and the symptoms does not gaurentee healthy baby. Every pregnancy is different.so relax,it's ok not get any symptoms.but usually the nausea etc starts after 8 weeks.so you never know,you might get them late.white discharge is normal in pregnancy.your first transvaginal scan would be done at 6 th week,to find out the implantation spot,also gestational sac.8 weeks scan is the first ultrasound scan to check heartb at of baby.wish you all the best!
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Question: when does teething starts??
Answer: Hello dear teething usually starts from between the ages of 4 to 6 months, though for some it may be earlier around 3 months or later after 1 year of baby age..
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Question: when does teething starts
Answer: Hello! Teething symptoms can be seen as early as 3 months, while the first tooth might not appear before 6 months of age.
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